About the company

Smolensk meat processing company “Romanishin” was established on June 1, 2003. It began as a small enterprise with 30 employees, producing and selling about 2,000 kg of meat products per day. Today, “Romanishin” takes a leading position in the production of sausages and deli meats in Smolensk and Smolensk region with a headcount of 84 employees, production volumes estimated at 2,000,000 kg per year and an annual turnover of 450,000,000 rubles. The company manufactures over 100 different products in the following categories:

  • Over 100 types
    of meat products
  • High quality raw ingredients,
    reliable suppliers
  • The latest technologies
    and equipment

GOST quality

The company’s main specialization is manufacturing of GOST sausages (as per state standard). Only high-quality raw materials are used in production. The raw materials meet all sanitary and epidemiological standards and requirements and are purchased from domestic manufacturers, whose reliability was proven by a long-term cooperation. In 2016, a new modern production shop with the state of art equipment was commissioned.

A new production line for raw smoked sausages and deli meats was launched. In 2018, the company started producing true Italian delicacies — cured sausages with mold. The company passed a certification audit for compliance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 22000-2007, including compliance with the HACCP quality system principles. This means that all processes at the enterprise are strictly regulated, which ensures compliance with high state standards in the field of production of quality products, and, if necessary, can be effectively verified.


The company takes part in various Russian and international competitions and exhibitions. As a result, the company’s list of awards contains:

  • 3 gold medals and a quality diploma of the International Food Quality Competition “Guarantee of Quality-2018”, held by V. M. Gorbatov Federal Research Center for Food Systems of RAS with the support of the Federation Council Committee on Agriculture and Food Policy and Environmental Management and the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Honorary award “Best Enterprise-2018” for high quality of products, gold star “Best Innovative Product”, a gold medal “Best Product-2018”, a gold medal and 1st class diploma “For Quality” of raw smoked sausages at the Exhibition Prodexpo-2018
  • Laureate of the National award in the field of imports phase-out “PRIORITY 2017”
  • 4 gold and 1 silver medal “Meat product of the year”
  • Honorary award “Leader of quality” and 2 diplomas “Golden Hundred”, 7 gold and 18 silver marks of quality “100 best goods of Russia”
  • 2 gold and 1 silver medals “Innovative Product”, 5 gold and 2 silver medals “Our Trademark”, 5 winner’s certificates of the open competition “Networks Choice” within the exhibition “Peterfood”
  • Diploma for high quality salami with hazelnuts (+ medal)
  • Diploma for high quality salami with parmesan (+ medal)
  • Diploma for the high quality of Madera (+ medal)
  • Diploma For high quality Amateur (+ medal)
  • Diploma For High Quality Doctoral
  • Quality Assurance 2018 (Madera, Salami with Parmesan, Salami with Hazelnut)
  • Choice of networks 2018 (mortadella in Italian)
  • Network Choice 2018 (Krakow)
  • SOEX 2018
  • Silver medal VNIIMP 2017 (Amateur)
  • A priority
  • Prize Best Enterprise 2018
  • Prize for achievements in import substitution 2019 (Cazareccio)
  • Our brand 2018 (Cervelat)
  • Our brand 2018 (Peterfood)
  • Medal Best product of ProdExpo 2019 (Pancetta, tenderloin, Karelian with cranberries)
  • Medals
  • Best Product 2018 (ProdExpo)
  • Best Product 2018 (Doctoral, Krakow, Jewish)
  • Best Innovative Product 2018 (Deer, Parmesan and Hazelnuts
  • Quality Leader 2017
  • Golden Hundred 2018 (salami with parmesan, hazelnut, salchichon)
  • Golden Hundred 2017
  • Star Best Innovative Product 2018 (Deer, Salami with Parmesan, with hazelnuts)
  • For high consumer properties 2018 (Chorizo)
  • For high consumer properties 2018 (Madera)
  • For high consumer properties 2018 (Bergamo)
  • Winner of the 100 best 2018 (with plums and pier, sard. Pork and ordinary)
  • Butcher's Oscar Diploma 2018 (Salami with hazelnuts)
  • Butcher Oscar 2018 (Salami with Parmesan)
  • Butcher's Oscar Diploma 2018 (Odessa)
  • Diploma Best Product 2019 (Pancetta, Karelian with Cranberries, Pork Tenderloin Suite)
  • Diploma of Achievement in Import Substitution (Cazareccio)
  • Quality Diploma Odessa
  • Innovation Product 2017 Diploma (Salami with Hazelnuts)


Throughout its existence, the company has significantly expanded its distribution network in Russia. Wholesale and retail customers happily purchase the company’s products not only in Smolensk and the region, but also in Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg, the Crimea, Tambov, Voronezh, Ryazan, Bryansk, Oryol, Kursk, Kaluga, Tula, Lipetsk, Murmansk and other regions of the Russian Federation.

The company’s products can also be purchased in many federal retail chains, such as METRO Cash and Carry, Tander, Dixy South, Lenta, Grinn, X5 Retail Group, etc. and within their own branded retail network in Smolensk that consists of more than 20 outlets, working as convenience shops.