Section: Company news

Exhibition Prodexpo 2018

The products of the Smolensk meat processing company “ROMANISHIN” were highly awarded at the exhibition Prodexpo-2018.

The Smolensk meat processing company “ROMANISHIN” took part in the XXV anniversary international food exhibition “Prodexpo-2018”, which was held from February 5 to 9 in Moscow. We introduced our new products to the visitors and held tasting sessions for the visitors to evaluate the taste of our products. 2342 companies from 63 countries showcased their products at the exhibition. Among them there were 1659 manufacturers and suppliers from all over Russia.

Several prestigious industry competitions were held within the exhibition. The Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture and the Agroexposervice company arranged the international competition “Best Product”. “Doctor’s” cooked sausage, half-smoked “Krakowska” sausage and raw smoked “Jewish” sausage were unanimously recognized by the jury of the international competition as the best among hundreds of samples from other manufacturers. These sausages, manufactured in compliance with GOST, were awarded gold medals in the category “Best Product of the Year—2018”.

The Romanishin company launched a new product on the market — ready-cooked smoked “Venison” sausage, consisted of wild game meat. It won in the category «Innovative Product» and was awarded a gold star. Raw smoked sausage Parmesan salame and Hazelnut salame once again were recognized by the jury of experts. This time they brought our company a gold star in the category «Innovative Product».

Dry-cured sausages “Bergamo”, “Madeira” and “Chorizo” were awarded gold medals in another prestigious competition “For high consumer properties of goods”, held by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the autonomous non-profit organisation “SOYUZEXPERTIZA”. The commission for the competition carried out an expert assessment of consumer properties of the samples, submitted to the competition by Russian enterprises and gave a high appraisal to the samples, submitted by the Romanishin company.

Besides, they praised the company’s activity. Based on the results achieved in 2017 and the products presented at the exhibition, the Smolensk meat processing company “Romanishin” became the “Best Enterprise of 2018” for the high quality of its products and was awarded an honorary prize.