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The Federal scientific center of food systems named after V. M. Gorbatov of the Russian Academy of Sciences summed up the results and awarded the winners of the traditional international contest of meat products, which received the name “Meat Oscar” among meat processors, as recognition of the highest achievements in the field of meat production. This year, the award ceremony was held in the interiors of the architectural monument, the legendary restaurant with more than 80 years of history-“Aragvi”. In the old merchant’s estate, in the heart of the capital, it was possible to create the atmosphere of casual business communication of heads of meat processing enterprises, business owners, representatives of top management of companies and network retail. The successful format, noted by all the participants, allowed not only to discuss issues of concern and renew business ties, but also to form a new effective business platform to discuss the situation in the industry, which, according to the participants, has been in great demand in recent years.

This year, more than 50 manufacturers from 42 regions of the country competed for the right to receive the honorary award. Expert evaluation, which included quality control and safety of food products, packaging and labeling of food, as well as a professional study of organoleptic characteristics by leading experts-tasters from the company “ROMANISHIN” passed 9 positions. Of these, two were awarded gold medals and 4 were awarded diplomas of quality.