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Best product-2020

Smolensk sausages and meat delicacies of TM “Romanishin” were recognized as the best in Russia. This was announced following the results of the contest “Best product-2020”, which is held annually by the Ministry of agriculture of Russia and the company “Agroexposervice” in the framework of vystaki.

The Golden star for the “Best innovative product” was awarded to cooked-smoked sausage “Boletus”.

Honoris causa awards “rerum Gestarum in importozameschenie” puniri fumabat cibum “Koppa” et “Pancetta”.

The gold medal was awarded to ham “Black boar”, smoked sausage “Eliseevskaya salami”, smoked and boiled brisket “Khutorskaya»

The silver medal was awarded to the salted brisket meat product ” Italian»