Amateur from the oven

Cooked meat sausage product, category B

company standart

pork, lard, water, broiler chicken fillet, animal protein, beef fat, nitrite-salt mixture (salt, color fixator E250), acidity regulators E450, E451, E262, E331, flavor enhancer E621, spices, spice extracts, dextrose, maltodextrin, thickeners E401, E412, E415, emulsifiers E471, E472c, antioxidants E300, E315, E316, flavor, dye E120.

Nutritional value
Energy value
Storage conditions and expiration date

Natural bung

Per 100 g of product:
protein – 8 g
fat – 32 g
carbohydrates – 1 g

1337 kJ / 324 kcal

it is valid for 30 days at a temperature from 0 to 6 °C, after breaking the integrity of the shell-no more than 3 days within the shelf life.

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