Amateur sausage

Category А meat product
Boiled sausage product

GOST 23670-2019

“Amateur” is prepared strictly according to GOST from chilled pork and beef of the highest category, with the addition of pieces of bacon and spices. The standard describes the smallest details of the sausage, even the size of the bacon, which gives a beautiful pattern on the slice of the loaf. Its longest side should not exceed 6 mm, because sausage lovers know that the size of the pieces of bacon affects the taste and perception of the sausage. “Amateur” is familiar to all fans of sausage, because it got its name in honor of fans and experts who understand the varieties and names of sausages. Many people remember it from childhood and look for it on the shelves of stores. Allow yourself to travel back to that time and enjoy the taste familiar from childhood!

pork, beef, lard, water, nitrite-salt mixture (table salt, color fixator E250), acidity regulators E450, E451, stabilizer E452, flavor enhancer E621, antioxidant E300, sugar, spices (white pepper, nutmeg).

  • - silver medal for high quality "Meat product of the year 2017"
  • - Golden quality mark " 100 best products of Russia-2015»
Nutritional value
Energy value
Storage conditions and expiration date


Per 100 g of product:
protein – 12 g
fat – 28 g

1240 kJ / 300 kcal.

it is valid for 30 days at a temperature from 0 to 6 °C, after breaking the integrity of the shell-no more than 3 days within the shelf life.

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