Category A meat product
Cooked sausage

GOST 23670-2019

Classic doctoral sausage produced according to the GOST recipe using natural milk. The doctorate was developed in the USSR in the 1930s and was intended, as the Soviet newspapers described, “to patients who have been damaged in health as a result of the civil war and tsarist despotism.” Those who suffered from the previous regime and the hardships of the civil war were prescribed boiled sausage, which they would not refuse at the Romanovs’s court, 25 kilograms of premium beef, 70 kilograms of semi-fat pork, three kilograms of eggs and two kilograms of cow’s milk were supposed to be used to produce 100 kilograms of this socially significant product. rstvennye standards for 70 years have changed many times, but always remained Doctoral most popular sausage. to raw materials and spices requirements remained essentially unchanged in the new GOST R “Sausage articles boiled,” the first state sausages standard developed in post-Soviet Russia.

Pork, beef, water, drinking cow’s milk with a fat mass fraction of 3.2%, chicken eggs, nitrite-curing mixture (edible salt, coloring agent E250), acidity regulators E450, E451, stabilizer E452, flavor and aroma enhancer E621, antioxidant E300, granulated sugar, spices (cardamom).

  • Gold medal and diploma of the winner of the international competition "BEST PRODUCT - 2018" (Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Rosselkhoznadzor)
  • QUALITY Diploma “Meat Product of the Year 2017” for high quality sausage
  • “GOLDEN HUNDRED” at the competition “100 best goods of Russia” (boiled sausage: “Doctor’s” entered the first hundred of the best goods of Russia in 2017)
  • Silver quality mark "100 best goods of Russia" 2013
  • Silver quality mark "100 best goods of Russia" 2012
  • Consumer Confidence 2009
Nutritional value
Energy value
Storage conditions and expiration date

Protein Bung

Per 100 g of product:
protein – 12 g
fat – 20 g

944 kJ / 228 kcal.

it is valid for 30 days at a temperature from 0 to 6 °C, after violation of the integrity of consumer packaging-no more than 3 days within the shelf life.

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